Four questions to ask yourself before implementing an A/B test

Predicting the uplift of an A/B test doesn't have to be a guesstimate situation! It is simple if you start with asking yourself these four questions...

Adobe Marketing Cloud explained

Following hot on the heels of IBM Watson and Salesforce’s Einstein, Adobe has announced the launch of Adobe Sensei as “one of our biggest strategic investments” bringing artificial intelligence into their marketing cloud.

The devil’s in the data: Tips for a less satantic customer experiences

The devil’s in the data, and for many marketers, it simply isn’t there.

HubSpot updates: Pricing, academy, certification, CRM

A hub for HubSpot updates. Click here for the latest on pricing, the Academy, certification, CRM and our pick of blog posts about HubSpot.

Configure, Price and Quote: Smooth Sales Must be Matched by Smooth Experience

Digital spend is reaching tipping point – which means focusing on a smoother quote to invoice journey

If Tech is Making Your Marketing Less Creative, You Are Doing it Wrong

And the perfect chance to have the ‘eating your own dog food’ conversation – a Marketer from within a company providing clever ways to market. But that’s yet to come, when I first sat down with Been at TIBCO NOW in San Francisco, we discussed what marketing differentiation means in a more data driven world.

Why Companies Need to ‘Get Real’ When it Comes to Real-Time CRM

So what about “Hailo for the enterprise”?

Infographic: How charities can engage more millennials

Eduserv give some great insight on how personalisation can help charities get millennials engaged.

Sainsbury’s Bank to get Closer to Customer by Chasing Website Personalisation

Website personalisation to help fight financial world's tendency for dryness.

Haven Website Personalisation Case Study: Retargeting on your own site

Simon McEntee shares Haven's first test in Website Personalisation.

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