How does being a UK consumer in 2014 compare with ten or twenty years ago?

Be HeardSome might conclude it’s been a one way journey. Digital retail is increasingly a global competition for your money. We now enjoy a level of convenience and choice previously unheard of.

Yet the benefits are not entirely one way. It is pretty evident that household budgets do not stretch as far these days. Maybe the time just before the financial crash was the last golden age of our purchasing power.

That said, a canny shopper told me recently that she always leaves items in her online shopping cart knowing that many retailers will offer incentives to buy after a certain lapsed time. She has learnt how to game the algorithms that drive online personalisation. It seems the art of finding a bargain, whether in a traditional outdoor market or a digital emporium, continues regardless.

One of the key points about our evolving consumer behaviour is that while we might be heading towards a digital future, the path towards it is wiggly and we carry forward many of our previous habits.


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