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Customer Data Platforms and Multi-Channel Decision Management [Download]

Unified data is the foundation for a unified customer experience. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are here to help, gathering and linking data from different systems. Yet, unified data isn't enough. To meet customer expectations, marketers must deliver consistent treatments across channels with decision management tools.

Adobe Virtual Analyst can turn complicated data analysis into a “two minute job”

We met Ben Gaines, Senior Product Manager for Adobe Analytics to ask him about their new Virtual Analyst and how analytics is changing marketing.

‘Financial services regulations often undo our optimisation efforts’ – Hargreaves Lansdown’s Digital Strategy Director

Investment firm Hargreaves Lansdown has a healthy digital outlook in terms of marketing, but sector-specific regulation can hamstring efforts to improve the customer journey says Chris Worle.

Gumtree get to grips with its data

Leading listings site Gumtree on the benefits of a DMP and how to choose between the software giants.

GDPR, irresponsible marketing and racist bots

A panel of digital marketing experts explores the coming AI tide, regulations around data and potential marketing mess-ups.

Marketing is in a mess so we need completely new thinking – IBM Watson evangelist

Marketers who don’t see dark data as a problem and are still chasing personalisation over personification are in for a rude awakening according to IBM Watson’s Jeremy Waite.

4 ways to stop your marketing team drowning in data

Here are some of the data opportunities your marketing team is potentially missing out on and why they matter.

Marketing cloud heavyweights debate AI, shiny new tech and smashing silos

Report: TFM 2016’s marketing cloud panel saw IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe and Marketo square-off in an all-star debate.

Humans + AI = the future of marketing: IBM Watson opens TFM 2016

Keynote report: IBM Watson CMO Deon Newman speaks about AI-as-assistant, the data deluge and IoT insights

Neuromarketing 101: How to think like Disney, Google and Amazon

Today, brands are using neuromarketing to understand their customer behaviours, but what exactly is it and how can you do it? Here's all you need to know...

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Customer Data Platforms and Multi-Channel Decision Management [Download]