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The No-Sweat Guide to Omni-Channel Marketing for Those Who Don’t Know How to Start

Throughout the day, consumers move across multiple devices and platforms to consume content. And the transitions are seamless—they could be on their laptop one moment, on their phones the next, and eventually move on to their smart TVs – sometimes, all within the span of an hour. In much the same way, this also marks […]

A taste of its own medicine: Why even Adobe needed a digital transformation

Adobe EMEA’s Head of eCommerce is candid about the firm’s own digital transformation over the last five years in order to be able to practice what it preaches.

Gumtree get to grips with its data

Leading listings site Gumtree on the benefits of a DMP and how to choose between the software giants.

Marketing is in a mess so we need completely new thinking – IBM Watson evangelist

Marketers who don’t see dark data as a problem and are still chasing personalisation over personification are in for a rude awakening according to IBM Watson’s Jeremy Waite.

Why we’re “digital Victorians” and must do tech better: Dave Coplin

Most businesses are “digital Victorians” in how they deploy technology, says Microsoft chief envisioning officer Dave Coplin.

The Paradox of Technology: 4 ways digital transformation helps companies to be more human

Digital transformation should enable the human experience, says Robin Collyer.

Marketing cloud heavyweights debate AI, shiny new tech and smashing silos

Report: TFM 2016’s marketing cloud panel saw IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe and Marketo square-off in an all-star debate.

Moving with The Times: How News UK survived digital transformation

The news industry has been disrupted more than most by the rise of new online business models, so it's vital you stay ahead. Here's how The Times and The Sun survived digital transformation.

“Test, learn, test, fail, learn, optimise”: Top ten tips for succeeding at digital transformation

Many companies start with technology and not the customer, but your tech should always be an enabler, not the driver. Here's ten top tips to help you succeed at digital transformation.

“I just send teams in—I don’t seek permission” – Standard Life’s marketing head on digital transformation

The exec guiding Standard Life’s marketing-led digital transformation talks about marrying his CTO, going behind the CEO’s back and tearing up the dress code.

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