eCommerce: The Modern Marketer’s Guide

eCommerce and modern marketingSelling things online: that’s all eCommerce boils down to. However, like most modern marketing elements, successful eCommerce is underpinned by healthy dashes of analytic study, creativity and anthropological understanding. This has meant that separate to marketing publications and events, dedicated resources (like eCommerce Expo) now exist.

Success in eCommerce = putting down the shotgun

There has always been a predilection in marketing departments for deciding what their message is and repeatedly smashing it into their target audience’s collective face. It’s never been the most efficient approach, but within the confines of eCommerce it makes less sense than ever.

Daniel Hagos, Customer Solutions Manager at Emarsys UK summarised this situation perfectly with his take on Spotify’s failures and wins when it comes to targeted eCommerce concepts – the buy-in and loyalty won by making nuanced, in-application suggestions on bands you might enjoy are easily undone by a ‘New Music for You’ email which features anything but.

eCommerce needs a good user experience

So long as you are matching your competitors on price, delivery and service – chances are your real competitive differentiation comes out of your eCommerce implementation (as well as the marketing drive, of course).

With that in mind, a good user experience when requesting personal and payment details (such as my the eCommerce form heaven I found when scratching my caffeine itch with Pact Coffee) is essential.

This is especially true when we look at the impatience of millennial shoppers as covered by Natalie Waterworth. Spoiler alert: if you waste people’s time, they won’t get to the end of your payment process.

eCommerce should embrace technology, but only if it makes the customer’s journey easier

There is a clear thirst for technology solutions in the eCommerce space, made clear by the recent $8m Series A funding secured by Tictail which promises a free ‘Tumblr for eCommerce‘ experience.

But technology solutions added to the eCommerce process should make the customer’s journey easier. There is no point in adding bells and whistles for technology’s sake.

Metail is a great example of an addition to the fashion eCommerce technology space. As a virtual dressing room it removes stress for online shoppers, and also adds a great data layer in for the retailers.

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