Email Marketing

Email Marketing: The Modern Marketer’s Guide.

Email Marketing on FireWhen we launched TFM Insights we set ourselves the goal of being a great resource for the modern marketer – and what occupies the modern marketer’s genius more than email marketing?

Email marketing pretty much does what it says on the tin: marketing you, your products or services, through email. We know you guys aren’t idiots – so let’s jump into the trends, learnings and resources.

Email marketing automation

Wikipedia define email marketing automation thus:

Marketing automation refers to software platforms designed for marketing departments and organizations to automate repetitive tasks.

It’s a definition which is mildly misleading, in that it only defines what the process does, without touching on what it enables. For instance, an email marketing automation campaign for The Co-operative Travel resulted in new insights, revealing (against many people’s intuition) that customers like to purchase holiday insurance around the date they book their holiday.

It is also important that you as a marketer are making smart decisions with these email marketing automation tools, otherwise you can appear as foolish and unthinking. Just see our Senior Content and Community Manager’s rant about automated birthday emails as an example.

Email Marketing Segmentation

A good automation plan (in fact, any advanced use of email marketing) is going to rely on some sensitive segmentation of your email list. This can be carried out by examining their attributes (job title, proclaimed interest) or their behaviour (which links have been clicked on in the past, which parts of your website to they often visit).

There are many great reasons to segment your audience, from offering a more tailored experience to generating more income. But the main focusĀ  for any modern marketer needs to be staying relevant and discouraging unsubscribes. Smart segmentation can help you do just that.

Email marketing automation and segmentation can’t be achieved by the marketing team alone though, so a good relationship with the IT department will need to be fostered.

Email Marketing – regardless the size of your business.

There are wins in email marketing even if your IT budget doesn’t stretch to some of the cleverer tools above. This Small Business Guide to Email Marketing is a great place to start your journey.

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