Fashion Marketing: Startups Offer New Consumer Insight

Fashion Marketing Evolution:

  • Fashion eCommerce starting to focus on personal experience
  • Data rich outcomes for marketing teams
  • Female fashion market explodes as shopper numbers swell in China

Fashion marketing and eCommerce start ups are attracting funding due to their focus on combining useful tools for shoppers and data collection.

Fashion Marketing start-ups Metail and Lyst have both recently attracted new pots of funding, with recent additions of £2.6 million  and $14 million (£8.5 million) respectively. They are both tools that place the consumer’s individuality at the very heart of the shopping process.

Metail is the online fitting room technology which allows users to create an online version of themselves, from measurements down to skin tone and hair colour, virtually immersing the customer in the retail experience. According to a recent Tech City News article on the funding round, the process is designed to create more confidence in the clothing eCommerce experience.

Meanwhile, Lyst offers up an aggregation platform for shoppers to pull together clothing items from different eCommerce sites (great for when you are trying to compose an outfit from across the spectrum of online clothing retailers).

A Still from the Metail Virtual Dressing Room

A still from the Metail site

Tool for you, data for me.

Such a personalised experience is likely to create more brand advocates, but the real boon here will come from the rich and accurate data the tools will be able to collect. Fashion consumers tend to be an irresolutely fickle bunch, so getting closer to their choices will put fashion retail companies in great stead to collect information on how people tend to consume. In my opinion, each tool offers up its own main benefit in the type of data it will collect:

  • Metail – Honesty: Am I going to admit to those Christmas pounds I’ve put on in a survey put to me by a clothing retailer? No. But if it means I will get a better fitting pair of elasticated January pants, I’m all for being honest.
  • Lyst – Holistic: You, over there at Acme Jeans Co., you might know how I like my straight legged, white denim jeans – but do you know which colour manbag I like to pair them with? That’s the kind if insight Lyst will be able to generate, which would open up data to help with channel partners or new product lines.

Help with your bottom line, and mine.

What I’d be aching to see is an A/B test on eCommerce fashion returns with the use of Metail – what percentage of consumers returned items based on traditional size buying vs. those using the virtual dressing room technology. That would provide a great ROI case to roll out such technology, giving space for a fashion marketing team to get access to the rest of the data and build exciting new propositions.

China opens up to female fashion.

There’s a great drive to solidify in the female fashion space (Metail currently is virtual-lady-enabled only), not least because of the opening Chinese market – as reported in Bloomberg’s Female Fashion Addicts Change China’s $19 Billion Market article. Should marketers be able to sharpen their digital fashion marketing teeth on the local market, there’s a whole world out there waiting to be sized up.

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Saul Sherry

Saul Sherry

Head of Content, Nuffield Health

Saul Sherry is Head of Content at Nuffield Health.

Saul helped to launch and run TFM&A Insights for the best part of 2014, also covering the TFM&A and eCommerce Expo.

February 3, 2014

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