The FIFA World Cup 2014 – Ambush Marketing and the Law

Lewis Silkin have published new guidance to point out the dangers and opportunities associated with ambush marketing at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil in June and July.

BrazilThis report, the FIFA World Cup 2014 – Ambush Marketing and the Law, provides guidance on the three types of ambush marketing:

  1. Ambush by association, where a non-sponsor seeks to associate itself with an event, team or player without authorisation;
  2. Ambush by intrusion, where a non-sponsor gains access to an event to gain prominent brand exposure;
  3. Opportunistic ambush/advertising, which reacts and refers to topical events.

Laws and rules governing ambush marketing in 52 countries

Myself and Lewis Silkin are part of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA), the leading network of advertising lawyers. GALA’s recent report ‘Ambush Marketing: A Global Legal Perspective’ summarises the laws and other rules governing ambush marketing in 52 countries.

Ambush marketing in full swing

Ambush marketing campaigns ahead of this year’s FIFA World Cup are in full swing, whether it’s:

–          A much-kicked football

–          The brazen sponsorship of an aptly named football broadcaster

–          Teaming up with a legendary theoretical physicist to predict football match results

Previous football tournaments saw branded pants and orange miniskirts hit the headlines.

Other sports tournaments have witnessed opportunistic marketing campaigns such as Oreo’s response to the power cut at the 2013 Super Bowl.

The next six weeks should see yet more creative attempts from non-sponsor brands to exploit the world’s most watched event.

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Alex Kelham

Alex Kelham

Managing Associate, Lewis Silkin

Alex is Head of Lewis Silkin’s Sports Group. Her work focuses on helping clients across the sports sector manage, exploit and protect their commercial rights. I advise on large and complex sponsorship deals, endorsement deals and image rights issues. Before joining Lewis Silkin Alex spent seven great years at LOCOG (London 2012) ensuring that the Olympic and Paralympic brands were protected. She continues to advise clients on ambush marketing, brand protection and other legal aspects of major events such as ticketing and brand licensing. Through the firm’s partnership with the British Athletes Commission Alex also advises athletes on issues such as selection and funding disputes.

June 12, 2014

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