Great digital marketing emerges from the crossover between different skillsets

Jane Cave, Managing Director of the IDM gives her views on how marketing teams are changing in 2017.

The complexity of digital marketing requires specialists from a wide range of disciplines to work in a seamlessly integrated team of channel specialists and marketing generalists.

The new Marketing Team Structures report published by TFM, Pure360 and the IDM  indicates that the need to digital marketing specialists is deepening.

This is a fact which is reflected in the broadening range of IDM courses, it also suggests that those responsible for the management of marketing teams need to have a correspondingly expansive knowledge of all marketing channels and activities.

The report indicates that over 81% of respondents have already moved beyond the much-discussed silo and that digital is now fully embedded into a marketing process that regards marketing strategy and planning skills as the most important core competency.

Interestingly, this applies equally to organisations of all sizes. It is significant that the report shows the growing dependency on combining inhouse and outsourced skills to achieve marketing objectives.

Some 16% of the professional marketing workforce is already part of the so-called ‘gig economy’ and many outsiders poses the much in-demand specialist Content and Creative, SEO and PPC skills that don’t yet exist in-house.

The report also highlights the changing relationship between marketing and IT that will perhaps herald the most significant developments in digital marketing and skills going forward. It seems to me that great digital marketing often emerges from the crossover points between different skillsets.

The merger of marketer insights and technologist skills will provide significant advantages to any business.

In a market fraught with strategic challenges and tactical difficulties that every marketer must find a way of working through, this report will enable you to benchmark your progress in the road to building a high-performance marketing team. Download the full report here

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Jane Cave

Jane Cave

April 11, 2017

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