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What is HubSpot?

HubSpot software is all about inbound marketing. What is inbound marketing, you ask? It’s a catch-all term for everything that helps potential customers to find you, rather than you seeking them out (outbound marketing). One of the company’s maxims is “Don’t interrupt buyers, attract them”.

The HubSpot platform concerns itself with blogging, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, lead management, landing pages, calls-to-action, marketing automation, email, analytics and mobile.

See what HubSpot has to say for itself in two and a half minutes:

HubSpot updates: What’s the latest news?

MARCH 2016 – Book review
An early book review of former HubSpot employee Dan Lyons’ forthcoming book describes a scathing exposé of the company’s culture – Kirkus.

JULY 2015 – C-Suite firing

Amidst a “mysterious ethics scandal” at HubSpot, CMO Mike Volpe was fired for violating the company’s code of business conduct and ethics code. A vice president, Joe Chernov, resigned and CEO Brian Halligan was fined over the incident, involving a forthcoming book written by former employee Dan Lyons – The Boston Globe.

JUNE 2015 – CRM release
HubSpot took its free CRM product out of beta, designed to help sales rep avoid tedious data entry and interaction management – TechCrunch.


HubSpot pricing: How much is it?

HubSpot’s pricing page delineates between its freemium sales/CRM software and its main marketing platform, which starts from £140 per month (it only bills annually, so £1680 per year) with a “required onboarding” – a one-off service charge – of £420.

The Basic marketing package covers blog and social publishing, SEO and certain calls-to-action, landing page, lead management, analytics and email marketing functionality. Marketing automation is only available via the Pro (£6,720 per year + £2,100 required onboarding) and Enterprise (£20,160 per year + £3,500 required onboarding) packages.

There are additional extras, including increasing the cap of the number of contacts you can have as well as website, reporting and advertising options.

HubSpot CRM is free, as is its smart email browser extension Sidekick. If you went to get into calling and setting meetings with prospects through Sidekick, you will need the $50 per user per month Sidekick for Business.

HubSpot Academy: Training and certification

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The HubSpot Academy is stocked to the gills with training videos and step by step guides based around “Projects”, utilising several tools from across the platform. You’ll need a HubSpot account to access materials – you could always sign up for a 30 day free HubSpot trial in order to see what’s inside.

HubSpot Academy has published a handful of videos on its YouTube channel.

HubSpot offers classroom training across the US as well as in Dublin, Amsterdam and Singapore, but nothing in the UK as of yet.

You might be interested in the “inbound certification” (SEO, blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis and reporting) that HubSpot offers for free, comprising 12 classes across 4.5 hours of video. This is available to anyone and concludes with an exam.

Separately, there is a free HubSpot Certification marketing course for customers involving an exam and a supervised “practicum”.

HubSpot CRM: Free software for small businesses

Aimed at helping out small businesses with small budgets, HubSpot offers a free CRM package for simplifying the management of sales contacts.

Reviewers praise its modernity, ease of use and its integrated database tools, whilst criticising its reporting features and email template cap (limited to five in the free version).

An optional, additional part of the free sales offering is Sidekick, a browser extension that enables email tracking, scheduling and the creation of contact profiles.

For features like calling, more sophisticated email scheduling and meeting booking, Sidekick for Business comes in at $50 per user per month.

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