Inside the Marketing Department: CMO, Fruugo

This week we catch up with Fruugo‘s CMO, to talk about the marketing mix of creativity and analysis.

Fruugo have a simple enough mission: make shopping simple, safe and social.  This means providing a complex service, matching local buyers and international retailers to get business done, as the Fruugo site says:

We’re also proud to have smaller retailers selling stuff you probably won’t find anywhere else. Retailers pack and ship the products you order at Fruugo and Fruugo handles your payment – that’s why you place just one order and pay one time, but the products arrive in separate packages from different countries.

So what would being a CMO at a place like Fruugo entail? We went straight to the source to find out.

Glen Richardson – CMO, Fruugo

Glen Richardson CMO FruugoTFM&A Insights: What does your day-to-day work involve?

Glen Richardson: I have worldwide responsibility for Fruugo’s B2C and B2B marketing, Partnerships, PR and Consumer Insight. Although the role of Chief Marketing Officer is stereotypically a creative one, online Marketers’ also have to be highly analytical and scientific in their approach. Every day at Fruugo we’re hypothesizing, experimenting, measuring and learning on a global scale. Fruugo also has the added complexity of operating in 23 countries, which means we offer a localized experience in each country. I also have the honour of representing Fruugo at various global conferences as a keynote speaker, panelist and occasionally Awards judge.

TFMAI: What attributes are important for a marketer at Fruugo?

GR: 1. Global: Everyone at Fruugo thinks globally and considers the associated implications in each project, experiment and campaign. 2. Collaboration: Our achievements are celebrated as a team and everyone at Fruugo works collaboratively, openly and transparently. 3. Agile: We’re extremely agile and our Marketers thrive on the fast-paced and exciting environment. 4. Change: Fruugo is growing every minute of every day and our team embrace rapid change and dynamism. 5. Shopper first: We provide an invaluable service to retailers around the global but the real heart of the story is the shopper. Each member of our team strives to provide a service that shoppers around the globe will love and trust.

TFMAI: What’s your workspace like?

GR: Fruugo’s head office is based in a large and beautiful Grade 2 listed Georgian townhouse in the centre of the historic market town of Ulverston, on the edge of the stunning Lake District. The management team all grew-up in Cumbria, hence the location.

TFMAI: What about your job makes you smile?

GR: Life at Fruugo is all about enjoying the journey we’re on and the passion, excitement and dedication of our team makes me smile every day.

External photo of the Fruugo Office

The Fruugo Office

TFMAI: What organisational tools couldn’t you live without and why?

GR: As Fruugo have spent over €40m on creating our unique, bespoke technology, consequently I couldn’t live without the tools we’ve developed. I can see the business at a glance from an elegant and intuitive “dashboard” and also drill down to granular level using other excellent in-house tools.

TFMAI: What single piece of advice would you give a younger version of yourself starting on your marketing career path?

GR: Daring to think differently is the key to ultimate success so don’t simply follow the herd by doing only what’s popular, but do what you feel is right.

TFMAI: Who would you say is the most inspirational person in marketing right now?

GR: Michael Acton Smith for creating Moshi Monsters and changing the kids entertainment industry forever.

TFMAI:What’s the most overused phrase you hear in marketing?

GR:“Big data” Please, I beg you – STOP misusing this term! Thank you 🙂

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Saul Sherry

Saul Sherry

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Saul Sherry is Head of Content at Nuffield Health.

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February 19, 2014

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