IT Speak For Marketers: Why you need to speak their language

In order to achieve a successful email marketing campaign, it is essential to work closely with your IT team.

Marketing and IT are the unsung heroes of the business, says Jennifer Watkiss from Adestra. And IT impacts Marketing success, so you’re going to have to learn to speak their language.

Marketing Technology LandscapeAs Scott Brinker has visualised in his incredible Marketing Technology Landscape infographic, the number of software providers in the space has risen from around 100 in August 2011 to around 950 in January 2014.

In an age of an overwhelming number of Marketing software providers, having someone on hand to support you with your decision-making will be an incredible asset.

Jennifer is a self-confessed geek. Canadian born, Marketing-educated, Jennifer has embedded herself in the IT crowd, going so far as to marry into it. So perhaps, IT speak comes much more naturally to her than it would to most. 

But, as Jennifer explains, email marketing relies heavily on technology as a foundation of your email marketing campaign’s success – it is therefore essential that the foundations are  laid down correctly.


Make friends with IT: Jennifer says that the first step towards building a relationship with IT is to actually make steps towards building a relationship. Speak with IT, find out who will be your point of contact from IT, brief that person on your needs and invite him or her along to technology pitches. After all, IT knows your infrastructure and can help you to choose the provider that is best suited for your needs.

Understand what is important to IT: Respect IT and understand what they care about, says Jennifer. There are 4 core areas to IT’s success – security, capacity, integration and stability. If you can take the time to work with IT towards achieving their goals, IT will be more willing to help you work towards yours.

IT speak for Marketers


I discovered very quickly from Jennifer’s session, just how complicated the technology behind sending out an email is – from the solution itself to all the levels that email has to go through before it successfully lands in your recipient’s inbox, Jennifer spoke of IP addresses, SPFs, DKIMs, CNAMES, DNS records amongst many more complicated acronyms and adjectives.

But the crux of the message from Jennifer’s session? Take the time to learn to speak the geek: Technology is not optional these days. You need IT on your side to be a good marketer and together you can rule the Internet!


Lara Doyle

Lara Doyle

Senior Content Manager, TFM Insights

Lara Doyle is Senior Content Manager at UBM EMEA, Tech a global events business, and covers Technology for Marketing, eCommerce Expo and London Technology Week.

February 25, 2014


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