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What’s in the Oracle Marketing Cloud?

In April 2014, Oracle announced it was getting into the marketing cloud space, bringing together tech assembled through acquisition, including Eloqua (marketing automation), Responsys (cross-channel marketing), Compendium (content distribution) and BlueKai (data management). In December 2014 it added Datalogix (marketing analytics) and in the middle of 2015, testing and optimisation firm Maxymiser was acquired.

Oracle breaks up the offerings into cross-channel, content and social marketing and data management. This includes:

  • Oracle Eloqua – Marketing automation software based on cross-channel campaigns, with analytics. Ostensibly for marketing to businesses.
  • Oracle Responsys – A similar raft of tools but for marketing to consumers, with some nifty real-time consumer behaviour features.
  • Content Marketing – Includes centralised content planning, personlisation, tailored workflows for content generation, cross-channel and social media publishing and analytics.
  • Social Marketing – social listening, engagement, publishing and analytics.
  • Oracle Data Management Platform (AKA Oracle DMP or Oracle Bluekai) – For managing audience data, analytics, a 3rd party audience data marketplace and pre-integrated advertising partners.

Oracle’s approach is slightly different from its marketing cloud competitors, such as Salesforce (TFM’s updates hub), IBM (updates hub) and Adobe (updates hub), with an explicit emphasis being made on openness and integration rather than being a “monolithic suite”.

Oracle created a gently amusing cartoon series to elaborate on their “Modern Marketing” campaign for the marketing cloud – the trailer for Season 1 is an entertaining two minutes:

Oracle Marketing Cloud pricing

Oracle Eloqua’s monthly cost for a database under 10,000 contacts is $2,000 for the Basic plan (up to 10 marketing users), $4,000 for Standard (up to 50 marketing users and adding various features including priority service) and you’d need to contact sales about the Enterprise plan.

TrustRadius puts Oracle Responsys’s entry-level setup fee at $16,250 per account.

Oracle Marketing Cloud updates: What’s the latest news?

NOVEMBER 2015 – New features
A raft of new upgrades to OMC let marketers orchestrate mobile customer engagement, clearly attribute revenue to marketing activities, and optimise experiences for individual customers – VentureBeat.

OCTOBER 2015 – New features

New product Match Multiplier was announced the OpenWorld conference, designed to bring together participating Marketing Cloud users to anonymously “pool” their capacity to identify customers across multiple channels. Other new features include Offline Data Append and Business Units for Content MarketingAd Exchanger.

AUGUST 2015 – Acquisition

Oracle slots cloud-based marketing tools provider Maxymiser – used for testing, optimisation and personalisation – into its marketing cloud lineup – Business Cloud News.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy

A cartoon representation of an online course

The Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy offers a range of classes for marketing professionals to hone their chops.

Course are split up into the four broad segments that Oracle identifies for its marketing cloud products – B2B, B2C, data management and content marketing.

You can get onsite or remote, team or one-on-one training. Content can be consumed on demand or via interactive webcast.

Customer of OMC can buy an All Access Education Pass (AAEP) for individuals.

There are two Oracle Eloqua (B2B) certification programs – the B2B Marketing Masters and B2B Marketing Luminary.

Supposedly there are certification programmes coming (“in 2015”) for Oracle Responsys (B2C) – dubbed “B2C Marketing Campaign Master” and “B2C Marketing Program Master”.

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