The ultimate download: Technology for Marketing 2016 presentations

2016 Presentations

All the presentations from Technology for Marketing 2016 are now available and ready for you to download. Simply fill in your details to receive access to over 30 exciting presentations from some of the most interesting and informative speakers in the industry today.

Presentations include…

  • IBM Watson and the Internet of Things: Transforming the customer experience and transforming lives – Deon Newman, IBM Watson Internet of Things;
  • Behaviour from UX to EX – Using Neuromarketing to put emotion at the heart of the brief and creating remarkable experiences – Daryll Scott & Tom Head, Lab;
  • 5 easy things you must do to improve your search rankings – Kelvin Newman, Roughagenda
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Hannah Brewer

Hannah Brewer

Content Coordinator, UBM

A member of the UBM EMEA Digital and Content team, Hannah generates content and ideas for various B2B websites, events and social media platforms within the organisation.

October 6, 2016

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