Marketers Should Care About Big Data. Here’s Why.

Big Data is poised to be a $125 billion a year global market according to analyst firm IDC.

Marketers are often tasked with turning the data into action, but is it making their job easier and their targets easier to reach?

Here are three key reasons why digital marketers should make use of Big Data’s ability to better connect content, systems and people:

Big Data1. Connect content across multiple sources.

Big Data lives up to its name in the sense that it’s a smooth and efficient process to manage a large amount of information. It can be used as a simple way to leverage a single source of digital content and marketing assets that covers all of the various customer, partner, and internal touch points. Once the information is collected, marketers can then sift through the data, separating the useful information from the superfluous. This is a fundamental step to developing “actionable intelligence”, which will encourage the cleaning of assets that are under-performing and focusing on those assets that are generating the results.

2. Integrate marketing technologies.

Big Data can play a central role in unifying information among various systems that are powering the customer experience. This means data from social channels, marketing automation tools, the e-commerce site, and the CRM systems can create a “whole is greater than sum of the parts” scenario in terms of the value of the produced data. Connecting various systems with digital assets and data enables automation of what was previously manual tasks. With automated workflows, marketers can look at Big Data to better validate the value and reach of their multi-channel marketing campaigns. If marketers can demonstrate how far content is reaching the right customers and producing results, then they can also acquire more budget funds for technologies that will help them pull in even more customers.

3. Reach audiences globally

Big Data allows marketers to erase barriers that might separate customers due to geographic or technical differences. They can connect them with consistent messages whether they are in Iceland or Cleveland or whether they came to the company through Facebook, Twitter, or via an Android or Apple app. Marketers who are targeting such groups are increasingly using visually-based content experiences that are found to have strong emotional impacts for global audiences.

Compiling this data also helps marketers to pool online and offline customer inquiries and transactions, so they can get a broader look at customer needs and wants, regardless of where they came from.

According to an article in The Guardian  Big Data has practical uses and helps marketers predict future events, for example by reviewing buying behaviors or examining website browsing behaviors.

Marketers should be thankful for the connections Big Data can enable, and many are seeing 2015 as the year that Big Data practices mature to help their companies stay competitive and extract maximum value from multi-channel information.

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Jake Athey

Jake Athey

Jake Athey is Director of Marketing at Widen Enterprises. He is the user and administrator of several popular marketing technologies including customer relationship management, campaign management, digital asset management, email marketing, blogging, and social media management platforms.

February 11, 2015

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